CSG International Co., Ltd. Steps up Preventive Measures in Response to the Severe Coronavirus Outbreak Abroad

信息來源:CSG  發布時間2020-03-27

Guangzhou - On the afternoon of Tuesday March 10, the Leading Group on Epidemic Prevention and Control of China Southern Power Grid International Co. Ltd., organized an emergency meeting to ramp up preventative measures in response to the runaway coronavirus pandemic in the Philippines and other South Asia nations.

The MVIP DC Project in the Philippines is the first overseas EPC project led by China Southern Power Grid.

The MVIP ±350kV DC power transmission line is the second HVDC power transmission project and one with the largest designed capacity in the Philippines. This project, included in the list of Sino-Philippines Prioritized Cooperation Projects in the Energy Sector, is a pilot energy cooperation project being spearheaded by China Southern Power Grid.

Upon completion, it will facilitate the interconnection between main grids in three Philippine regions, greatly optimize the country’s energy mix, boost the economy of Mindanao (or commonly known as Southern Philippines) and help lift the standard of living of local communities.

The current number of workers on the construction sites of this project has reached more than 1,230 and as the project swells with added staff, increasingly severe pandemic, on-site prevention and control measures have also been enhanced.

Local Filipino doctors have been hired at each site as well.

Staff from Vinh Tan 1 Power Plant, Nam Tha 1 Lao Power Company, Malaysia EDRA Project, Representatives Office in Chile, Representative Office in Luxembourg and the Company’s Representative Office in Vietnam joined the meeting via mobile phones … as they briefed the senior CSG senior leaders on local pandemic situations and their anti-pandemic measures.

In light of the complex situations exacerbated by the rapid spread of COVID-19 around the globe, the meeting highlighted the need of each project and representative office abroad to take bold effective prevention and control measures based on local situations.

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