CSG Overseas Staff Fighting the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

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With the entire world in peril, the COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the face of the Earth.
During these dire times, what efforts can the international staff of China Southern Power Grid make to not only prevent … but to fight back against this pandemic? Do they have enough protective medical equipment to fight this good fight?
With feedback from CSG staff in Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Luxembourg and Chile, we gain valuable insight in their current situations.
CSG International Co. Ltd. senior managers have delivered surgical masks for each of its staff in the MVIP Program in the Philippines; Representative Office in Chile; Representative Office in Luxembourg and Edra Energy in Malaysia. Medical protective equipment has also been provided for all China Southern Power Grid overseas staff in other programs and representative offices abroad.

Coal is unloaded from a collier at the harbor of the site of the Vinh Tan Project in Vietnam

All arrivals/departures at the plant are under the strict control of the security personnel

Staff on duty in the central control room
The pandemic situation in Vietnam is severe. By March 18, there were 76 confirmed cases, including nine in Bình Thu?n Province, where the Vinh Tan 1 Power Plant in Vietnam located.
In its immediate response, the Vinh Tan 1 Power Plant upgraded its guidelines on pandemic prevention, including personnel screening, chemical disinfection made in key work areas and self-isolation of varied engineer groups. Any personnel returning to the site of Vinh Tan Project in Vietnam have been required to first be in a 14-day quarantine in a third country. Staff returning back to work were flown non-stop to Ho Chi Minh City and then after proceeding through a closed channel, a private CSG car was used to avoid contact with the general public and transport staff back to Bình Thu?n Province.

Gong Hongwei, Director of General Affairs Department, Nam Tha 1 Lao Power Company Ltd., was the first back to work after the outbreak in China

Pandemic prevention training for Lao subcontracted workers

The interpreter Vanhnasin reports to government officials on pandemic prevention work at the power station
Since the outbreak, as a neighbor of China, Laos has suspended some China-Laos international airline flights. Land ports between the two countries have been closed off or are undergoing entry restrictions.
Senior managers at the Nam Tha 1 Lao Power Company Ltd. have formulated guidelines on pandemic prevention which covers personal protection; 14-day quarantine before returning back to work and logistical support, especially pandemic prevention training for local Lao staff as well as participating in a forum on pandemic prevention which was attended by Lao workers on site at the power plant.
To minimize the entering and flow of people and avoid risks of imported cases to the plant, Nam Tha 1 Lao Power Company Ltd. senior managers have worked diligently to prevent the Chinese staff of the operation and maintenance team from shift changing.
The Philippines

Construction site of the LALA Converter Station
Several regions in the Philippines have declared a “State of Calamity” and are in “lockdown” mode. The Philippine MVIP Program senior managers have drawn up a series of pandemic prevention measures and purchased medical protective equipment such as surgical masks. Minimal office space has been provided to staff as engineers and staff arriving from other countries, to the Philippines, are being kept in quarantine for 14 days - with a flexible work schedule adopted among the local Philippine staff.
Due to restrictions from entering the Philippines and traffic control, the flow of people and the shortage of materials are the main factors restricting construction progress. At present, the program managers have worked out a detailed plan to meet its pre-pandemic deadlines. To prevent the further spread of COVID-19, staff (when appropriate) are working online to ensure the design work is done on schedule. In terms of supplies, materials in urgent need are bring purchased first from available local suppliers.
The Representative Office of China Southern Power Grid in Luxembourg employs telecommuting, through which the departing staff and gathering activities have been  restricted.

Staff of the CSG Representative Office in Chile is hard at work during the pandemic
An emergency plan for pandemic prevention has been issued, including isolation of staff on leave, the requirement of wearing masks, everyday temperature measurements, canceling meetings or work involving a large group of people, everyday disinfection and ventilation in offices and storage of related equipment.
CSG Overseas Staff's Feedback in Fighting the Pandemic
What did the international staff of China Southern Power Grid go through during the pandemic? Here are some feedback:

Philippine government employees give health check-ups for staff from China who are in quarantine
Cai Shang (Project Manager of the Philippine MVIP Project): We are working hard to meet the deadline of the MVIP DC Project in the Philippines. We sorely lack workers dispatched from CSG International Co. Ltd. while the site is busy. As the manager of this project, I spent the Chinese New Year holidays at the site and I haven't been home for more than six months.
Ren Rongqiang (Senior Manager of the Philippine MVIP Project): Only when I am abroad during this time do I realize how strong China is and how proud it feels to be a Chinese. I want to go back to China to spend time with my family after the pandemic and this long-time project. I hope things will go back to normal very soon.
Pang Zengsui (DOC Manager of Vinh Tan 1 Power Plant in Vietnam): During the pandemic, we have stayed on the site and ensure the continuous flow of logistics, capital and information for the Company. We work together and overcome varied challenges in hopes that the pandemic will soon be over.

Xu Xinggui, Electrical Management Commissioner of the Operation and Maintenance Department of Nam Tha 1 Lao Power Company Ltd., remained on duty at the power station in Nam Tha during the pandemic to check the device signals

Hu Chunling, Commissioner of the General Affairs Department, has been on duty in Vientiane since Chinese New Year 2020

Jian Biao, a member of the Operation Department, inspects the equipment to ensure secure production

Zeng Yongtao, Deputy Director of the Operation Department, who postponed his travel back home, is on duty at his power station post
Members of Production Technology Safety Supervision Department inspect

the site for the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Laos
Chen Lujun (Director of Production Technology Safety Supervision Department): At this key point of pandemic prevention, the proudest thing we can do is ongoing safe pandemic prevention and on-sire production.
Xu Xinggui (Electrical Management Commissioner of the Operation Department of Nam Tha 1 Lao Power Company Ltd.): During the pandemic, I have been on duty with other 20 workers for two months. Due to the pandemic and the forthcoming rainy season, we are not only pledged to finish the annual repair work for the generating unit but also strive to prevent imported COVID-19 infection cases.
Zeng Yongtao (Deputy Director of the Operation Department): After the pandemic, what I want to do most is to hug my two-year-old daughter and to spend time with my family. I hope that China and other countries can win this war against the COVID-19 virus and that life can return to normal.

Stranded workers who return to the site - via a third country - arrive in Vientiane Wattay International Airport

Stranded worker is under a 14-day self-quarantine after arriving in Laos

An employee of the Vinh Tan 1 Power Plant in Vietnam is testing the temperature of returning workers
Jiang Weibiao (Deputy Manager of General Affairs Department, Vinh Tan 1 Power Plant in Vietnam): The most touching thing is that the staff have united in a concerted effort to make vital contributions to the project. My colleagues on the production site not only do the work of those who haven’t retuned back to work but also cooperate with the government on pandemic prevention and disease reporting. They are under great pressure and work very hard. After the pandemic, I want to host a dinner party to thank them for their many contributions.

Staff of the Representative Office in Vietnam working at the room temporarily rented because of the pandemic
Huang Jizhong (Chief Representative in the Representative Office in Vietnam): According to the regulations of Vietnam, people working for diplomatic or official affairs are allowed to enter the county - via a third nation. But in fact, there were cases where workers were refused entry into Vietnam after several attempts to check-in. It's only after we made several reports to varied departments and after a multilateral coordination could staff be allowed to enter. When one suspected case was discovered in another enterprise in our temporarily-rented office building, we moved our office into our dormitory. The COVID-19 pandemic suddenly became all too real.

Huang Muye, member of the CSG Representative Office in Chile, is on the way back to South America
Huang Muye (Member of the CSG Representative Office in Chile): Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, we can see the remarkable mobilization and determination of China to boost people’s confidence in winning this war and show the advantage of China’s social system. We, Chinese abroad, are so proud of our nation.

Wang Ke, member of the CSG Representative Office in Luxembourg, is on the way to buy medical protective equipment
Wang Ke (Member of the CSG Representative Office in Luxembourg): Three staff in the CSG Representative Office in Luxembourg have been remaining on the front line abroad since January.

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