Construction of the Digital China Southern Power Grid Pushed Forward During COVID-19 Pandemic

信息來源:公司網站  發布時間2020-04-15

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, the formation of the digital China Southern Power Grid has played an crucial role in fighting the widespread outbreak, ensuring production and optimizing service by integrating Big Data, AI and IT.
Under the seasoned tutelage of the China Southern Power Grid senior management team, the Company managed to contain the spread of the virus, thus ensuring safe power generation and energy supplies to millions of homes under mandated lockdown.
Concurrently, senior managers and engineers of the Company also coordinated all power supply services and launched offline services on the online platform, thus improving clients' satisfaction.
Services Optimized with Big Data
The use of Big Data on power supplies can reflect the daily electricity consumption of business enterprises and citizens. During the COVID-19 pandemic, engineers from CSG analyzed the resumption of work and production by utilizing Big Data on power supplies, providing a science-based reference for the government in making and implementing time-critical decisions which China Southern Power Grid provided targeted (and unending) power supply services for these enterprises.
In the measurement center of the Guangxi Power Grid Company, data monitoring and analyzing staff consistently report analysis results to staff at the local power supply station once they detect an uptrend of electric loads of one Company entity.
With New Technology, Power Supplies Become More Reliable
Since the COVID-19 outbreak, different AI devices and technologies of CSG has all worked together to guarantee safe power generation and reliable electrical supplies.
Since the end of Year 2019, the self-healing medium voltage distribution network based on the full coverage of intelligent distributed feeder automation by Dongguan Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Power Grid Corporation has been put into operation, with blackout times reduced to a mere two seconds.
Client Services on the “Cloud” - Zero-Contact Businesses Work Faster
Seeing that all enterprises within the district are resuming their production, Zhang Zhiyi, Head of the Industrial Development Bureau in Dongguan Songshan Lake National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone Administrative Committee, is effervescent in his delight, saying, “instead of filling all the documents needed for power supply services, one picture is enough. There is also face recognition technology being used to check individual identities. This is so very convenient.”
Leaders from a non-woven fabrics company of Foshan, Guangdong also expressed their thanks to the Foshan Nanhai Power Supply Bureau of CSG.
During the special COVID-19 period, “zero-contact service” was the first choice for citizens and enterprises when it comes to managing client business. China Southern Power Grid, with its online customer service platform, currently provides 24-hour services for all clients.
During Year 2022, CSG senior managers are looking to build a new-generation digital basic platform and a business platform based on cutting-edge technologies such as Big Data and Cloud Computing to connect and interface with Digital Government, National Industrial Internet and the upstream-downstream of the energy industry with the goal of being able to realize modernized governance and the continued strategic transformation of the Company.
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