CSG Slated to Construct a Comprehensive Innovation System
Technological Powerhouse of National Strategic Importance

信息來源:公司網站  發布時間2020-04-15

Guangzhou - In line with President Xi's new development philosophy of innovation, coordination, green development, openness and sharing, China Southern Power Grid senior managers have drawn up the “CSG's Guidance on Further Innovation” which details the state-owned enterprise’s goals of further innovation for the Company under the national strategy of innovation-driven development.
A World-Class Innovative Enterprise by Year 2035
As outlined, the Company’s objectives are expected to be achieved in three stages:
·By Year 2020 - the comprehensive innovation system will become mature
·By Year 2025 - the system will be functioning effectively; and
·By Year 2035 - it will come into full operation with features to include high-quality development boosted by innovation in technologies, management, services and business models
When the final stage is reached, CSG will stand boldly forward as a world-class innovative enterprise.
Adopting a Combination of Measures - Pushing for High-Quality Development through Innovation
The written outline specifies that CSG senior managers will be formulating an action plan that overcomes strategic challenges with core technologies … with a number of major technological breakthroughs expected within three to five years.
China Southern Power Grid senior managers will be establishing a “formation mechanism” to meet the needs of demand-driven technological projects, bringing major research teams into full play, optimize methods in the delegation of technological projects while promoting post project evaluation.
CSG senior managers will also be pushing forward the transformation of the Company’s power services to a point-to-point energy retail business in order to meet the challenging needs of the ever growing modern service sector.
Company engineers are also researching the market coupling of various types of energy based on business scenario design and comprehensive analyses of end-users’ demand on smart-grid power, touching on spheres including mechanisms, implementation approach and technical measures.
Targeting rural areas, China Southern Power Grid senior managers are calling for the ramping up of the construction of smart grids, establishing all-dimensional service platforms for customers and arranging the construction of charging poles for electric automobiles. Customers living in rural areas will be encouraged to pay their electricity bills through automatic bank account electronic payments; through fund transfers from bank savings accounts or via the Internet.
The proportion of customers making non-cash payments is expected to be 99%.
Building a New Generation E-Commerce Platform
China Southern Power Grid is expected to develop emerging business opportunities centering around its current core accounts. By establishing a service platform and a uniform technical support platform for Internet business, the specific operation and management system for internet business will take shape.
China Southern Power Grid senior managers are also expected to roll out Internet business services such as:
·Internet plus smart grid
·Material supply chains
·Integrated energy, and
·Energy-related finance and technology service, electronic shopping mall and business trip service and smart construction site services
Additionally, the CSG General Airline will be set up for expanding businesses in special operations, helicopter flights, patrol data analysis and businesses in upstream and downstream operations. Moreover, financial companies serving the varied supply chains will also be established, including one for commercial factoring - through which synergy with financial leasing companies could emerge - and industrial finance which is expected to better serve enterprises working across the energy ecosystem.
Creating an Innovative Eco-Zone with a Global Vision
Concurrently, CSG senior managers, armed with a bold new global vision, will be tackling major demands at the national level, making significant breakthroughs throughout in the company's key technologies and recruit top talents from throughout the international community.
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