CSG Earns Accolades from the Material Supply Team of the Central Guiding Team Dispatched to Hubei Province and Other Severely-hit Regions

信息來源:公司網站  發布時間2020-04-15

The Material Supply Team of the Central Guiding Team dispatched to Hubei Province and other severely-hit regions, recently sent a letter of thanks to CSG, praising the state-owned enterprise, its senior management and staff, for its support in providing medical supplies during the recent COVID-19 epidemic.
The text of the letter says, “Since the COVID-19 outbreak, China, under the firm leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) with Xi Jinping at its core, has seen a positive trend in the overall situation of the global pandemic and a quick resumption of life and production. During the outbreak, the senior managers of China Southern Power Grid formulated a rapid response and boldly contributed to the supply of much-needed medical protective equipment for the front line of pandemic prevention and control in Hubei, with emphasis to its provincial capital of Wuhan, by donating medical supplies sourced from abroad.”
The letter continues, “In early February, Hubei Province faced a severe outbreak of COVID-19 and a shortage of medical supplies. CSG senior managers immediately  contacted international companies through their representative offices abroad, as well as other valued friends of China, to make arrangements to purchase these life-saving materials. With its project shareholders and partners fully mobilized to contact buyers both within and outside of China, a total of RMB 6.73 million worth of medical supplies were then purchased including 50,000 protective suits, 50,000 surgical masks and 25,000 goggles which were immediately rushed to the front lines in Hubei.
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